Spring is just around the corner, and preparing your landscape can feel overwhelming. With large bed spaces, numerous plants, and time-consuming labor, it’s easy to feel daunted. However, by taking some steps now, you can reduce the workload in spring and enjoy a beautiful, thriving landscape.

Remove Debris

Winter can leave your garden cluttered with leaves, trash, fallen branches, and other debris. Take the time now to clean up your landscape and lawn. Removing debris while plants are still dormant allows for easier access and gives you a clear view of what needs to be taken care of.

Cut Back Unwanted Growth

Over the winter, perennials may have been left uncut, and unwanted growth from suckers or weeds may have taken over. Cutting back these elements now will promote healthy new growth. Trim your roses to the desired height and shape your shrubs for uniformity. Most trees can still be thinned of crossing branches and deadwood. Be cautious not to prune your spring-flowering shrubs too heavily, as you want to preserve their upcoming displays.

Remove Winter-Damaged Plants

Examine all your plants for signs of damage. If you noticed dieback last summer or fall, now might be a good time to remove those plants. Check branches that haven’t started to bud by cutting them with a sharp knife. If the cut isn’t green, the branch is dead and should be removed.

Edge Your Beds

Edging your beds can be done with a spade or shovel at any time. Preparing bed edges early helps prevent grass from encroaching and maintains clean lines throughout the spring. Since edging can be one of the most labor-intensive tasks, starting early allows you to break it into manageable stages over multiple weekends or days.

Start Early and Save Time

Spring cleanups are manageable if you start early and take your time. By evaluating your plants and removing unwanted debris in late winter, you can significantly reduce your workload in spring.

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